Digital Shrine

Digital Shrine

Welcome to Digital Shrine, a media art project conceived by Sharon Stevens in 2012 and with software programmed by designer Shiori Saito.

Watch the Digital Shrine 2017 scrolling tributes

Digital Shrine consists of a specially designed installation where the public may write tributes and messages with pen and paper – words they wish they’d said, heartfelt thoughts they carry with them, or simply the names of the dead. The tributes are entered into a software program (developed specifically for this application) on a laptop, and this text is projected onto a screen, scrolls slowly and is visible to the public. The words light up the night sky and screen like credits at the end of a film only this time people stay to watch them! We are inspired by each other’s words, and sharing our thoughts amplifies the presence of the dead in our thoughts and hearts. Please add your thoughts to the Digital Shrine using the form below. Your message will be displayed here and will be included in the Equinox Vigil in Union Cemetery. This is a beautiful way to contribute to the Equinox Vigil especially if you can’t attend in person.

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Patsy from Calgary
John, you were my best friend growing up, and I know we would be as close today if you were still with us on this earth. I miss you beyond what words can say.
Della from Guelph
Mom, I miss you every day. I wish I could talk to you again.
Stasha from Where the rivers meet
To all the people we lost to the war on drugs: you are worthy of love, and we miss you so much.

To all the people who were abused as children, and did not find safety after that: you are worthy of love, please stay with us, you are the person who you needed when you were younger.
Dale from Calgary
Really miss you Mom. xoxo
Alexandria Patience from Portskerra, Scotland
Love still flows both ways. Love still flows both ways. Love still flows both ways. Love still flows both ways. Love still flows both ways. Love still flows both ways. All the love just keeps on flowing. Alexx
Laura Keeth-Rowledge from Calgary
Feeling the losses in the Southern Resident Orca Pod deeply. May their loss continue to bring us together in action.

J50 (Scarlet) Female born December, 2014, declared missing Sept 13, 2018 (age 3)

Un-named Female born July 24, 2018 and carried by her mother, J35 (Talequah), for 17 days.
Aurelie from Calgary
Christophe, I have a hard time finding the right's still too raw. I'm thinking of you every day. Sometimes it brings me peace, sometimes it tears me apart. I'm just riding the waves. Love you xo
Deborah Anthony from Calgary
Phyllis and Luke, my sister and my brother whom I have yet to meet but remember by stories almost worn to threads. I know you will be in the reception committee when I cross over and I look forward to the 'ah ha' moment when I fully remember you. Big hugs, and let's share a dream.
PS: Mom, dad, and all the tribe in spirit world, love you guys.
Terry from Calgary
My Dearest Jack, I miss you so. With great love you open yourself to great pain. I bless you with light and may you grow in love. You are always in my heart and my thoughts.
Love always, T
Marilyn Mora from Calgary
Grandmother Evadne Miller Kramine,
Why were you a secret? They said everyone who knew you loved you. Your grandchildren who didn't get to know you, - we love you too!
Karen Gimbel from Calgary
Mark Allan Hall
1955 - 2008
Missionary Kid | Free Spirit | Wild Dancer | Commercial Fisherman | Crazy Genius with anything Mechanical | Won my Heart with your Impish Smile | Father of our beautiful, amazing, grown up daughters, Heather and Katrina

I still love and miss you.
Heather Talbot from Portland, Oregon
Today I hugged my beloved husband as he went off to work. The jacket he was wearing he had also worn during our summers in Alaska, fishing on our boat, the boat you built in 1978 and fished salmon on for 33 years. He smelled like you and it made my heart melt.
You took your last breaths September 17, 2008 at 52. I will always have our memories, but I wish we were still making them.
Love you Daddy, Mark Allan Hall.
jess from calgary
Oh Mum,
Not a day goes by that I don't use a lesson you taught me, or think of something to tell you, or have something to show you. Thank you.


Stephanie from Calgary
Oh my little sister, I wish I called you when I last thought of you. A hole is in my heart and that is where all the things I would love to share with you linger. Absurd thoughts and angry words and happy news and despair caught in my throat, nighttime whispers and I hope somehow you know.
Andrea from Calgary
Thank you for your unconditional love, kindness and beautiful soul. You are greatly missed by everyone, and will never be forgotten. I love you so much and wish with all my heart you could have met Daniel. I hope to hug you again someday. xo Love Andrea
Isabel from Calgary
I feel crisp autumn air on my face and I think of my brother. I see trees painted with yellow leaves and I remember the blissful ignorance of our last few hugs.
September arrives and I think of Iain’s birthday and the almost-25 years he spent loving, teaching, laughing – and sometimes, fighting or crying – but mostly, making the world around him a little more simple, patient, caring and bright. I think of the person that I am, and how much of that was shaped by my experience with my big brother.
September arrives and I think of his death. The last time I said “I love you” and had one of his long, skinny arms wrapped around my shoulders. The way that life halts in a moment and yet continues fiercely, with no regard for grief or broken hearts.
The world keeps spinning and one thousand, four hundred and sixty days later – I still hold that sadness in my chest; I know emptiness far more intimately than I could have imagined.
September arrives and it is a vivid reminder of both the fragility of life and the immense love that I am fortunate to have experienced.
September arrives and Iain is at once, everywhere, at yet never quite close enough.
Marsha from Calgary
The hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk to everyday.
Bill, we all miss you so much.
Lesley from Calgary
Earth Girl... the shimmer of the sun through the trees
the magpies chasing their tails
any cat or baby
all remind me that I was gifted with your love... your passion.. your fierceness. I long to hold you one more time... to whisper your name... Jessie Rose... thank you...

No words ....
Linda from Calgary
My love, I miss you daily.
Alexandria Patience from Portskerra, Scotland
I feel you all together and close - even those who didn't know one another in life. You all support me and surround me with love! Love still flows both ways.
Thomas from Calgary
Dear Mom, Hope you all the best in the heaven!
Laura from Calgary
The sun set in the east as you left us, Rick.
Our world is still upside down.
Dawn from Black Diamond
I see you, hear you and feel you in all of us. There isn't a day that goes buy that I wish you were still with us!
Love you always
even after 7 and a half years
i can hardly acknowledge that you're gone. Please don't think that, because i don't talk about you, i don't think about you. i think about you every day. It just hurts.

You've missed so much.
And we've missed you.
Now that i'm almost grown up, i wish we could talk. i wish i knew you longer. i love you so much.
Deborah from Calgary
Ah, September.
You've broken our hearts.
Iain arrived too early one September and left way too early another September.
Iain, your disabilities were a challenge and a lesson for all of us; you taught us well!
We miss you every kept me on my toes and the void you left is huge.
See you in dreams.
xxx Mommy
Naome Howe from Oakville
Sweet mama I miss you so. It is hot here in Ontario just the way you like it. I feel you beside me on the deck, enjoying a cool drink, and the company of each other. Love you forever. xoxo
Vilma Dawson and family from Calgary
Rest in Peace Richard Andrew Jr Dawson, Richard Dawson Snr, Vanessa Rozario, Ian & Elvis Rozario, Mum and Dad Rozario, Mum and Dad Dawson, David, Hazel and Mark Dawson. Mum and Dad Wilson and Esther Ann, and all our dearly departed family and friends.
Johanna from Calgary
To my Baba. When I smell flour I think of you. When I eat pickles I think of you. I think of you a lot.

With support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts; Cultural Relations Grant we took the Digital Shrine on tour.

October 17, 2015 Nocturne Art at Night: Halifax, Nova Scotia
November 7, 2015 Little Angels Procession: Tucson, Arizona

Read about the experience below

Nocturne 2015

Nocturne Art at Night October 17 | Halifax, NS The theme for this year’s Nocturne is “Found & Lost & Found” “We have lost the connection with our relationship with mortality and through this project Digital Shrine, I hope to reconnect us. A ‘found’ relationship” – Sharon Stevens

All Souls Procession Weekend

All Souls Procession November 7-8 | Tucson, Arizona Over 150,000 participants take to the streets of downtown Tucson for a two-mile long human-powered procession that ends in the ceremonial burning of a large Urn filled with the hopes, offerings and wishes of the public for those who have passed.
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